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Our Services

Streamlined Accounting for Your Small Business

Discover simplified, affordable, and experienced accounting services tailored to your business's success. From foundational bookkeeping to strategic tax planning, we offer professional guidance that delivers exceptional value. Explore our services below for your journey to financial growth

Simplify your finances without breaking the bank with our essential bookkeeping services. We focus on   the basics to provide you with  accurate records, helping you manage costs  and make informed       decisions.

Navigate year-end with confidence. Our comprehensive year-end financial services ensure your financial statements are accurate, compliant, and ready for reporting, setting the stage for informed decision-making.

Maximize your tax efficiency and minimize stress with our expert tax planning and preparation services. We analyze your financial situation, uncover deductions, and ensure accurate filings for a smooth tax season.

From GST filings to T4 and T5 slips, we manage your compliance needs efficiently and accurately. Rely on us to handle these crucial aspects, freeing you from administrative burdens and ensuring compliance peace of mind.

A satisfied entrepreneurial couple, clients of OpenBook Accounting LLP, stand confidently in front of their successful small business, benefiting from the firm's comprehensive accounting and tax services.

Unlock Affordable Solutions with Clear Pricing

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Doug G.

"Scott was a great source of information during the start-up of my new business.  He was excellent at helping me get my bookkeeping and taxes up to date."
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