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Your Trusted Partner in Accounting Solutions for Small Businesses

At OpenBook Accounting LLP, we're dedicated to nurturing businesses with our focus on making professional accounting accessible and affordable for small businesses. With years of experience, we've streamlined our process to offer simplicity and clarity in financial matters. Let us partner with you to realize your business success, where local commitment, affordability, experience, and personalized service are the cornerstones of our approach.


Simplify your finances without breaking the bank with our essential bookkeeping services. We focus on the basics to provide you with accurate records, helping you manage costs and make informed decisions.

Maximize your tax efficiency and minimize stress with our professional tax planning and preparation services. We analyze your financial situation, uncover deductions, and ensure accurate filings for a smooth tax season.

Navigate year-end with confidence. Our comprehensive year-end financial services ensure your financial statements are accurate, compliant, and ready for reporting, setting the stage for informed decision-making.

From GST filings to T4 and T5 slips, we manage your compliance needs efficiently and accurately. Rely on us to handle these crucial aspects, freeing you from administrative burdens and ensuring compliance.

Experience the journey to financial clarity through our carefully crafted accounting process. Designed to simplify your business's financial management, our step-by-step approach ensures that you're always in the loop. From submitting your records to understanding the results, each stage is tailored for ease, accuracy, and your peace of mind.

Steps in our Process:

1. You drop off your records

 Start by providing us with your bank statements and receipts. You can drop them off at our office or securely share them with us online.

3. We code recurring entries 

We meticulously code recurring entries, not only to ensure consistency and accuracy but also save you valuable time.

5. We prepare financials, GST and tax returns

Once all entries are categorized, we prepare your financial statements, GST return, and Corporate tax filings.

2. We record entries in our software

Our experienced team records all transactions in our advanced accounting software, ensuring accuracy and precision.

4. You clarify the rest

We send you any entries that require clarification or additional information, ensuring your financial records are thorough and accurate.

6  Meet to discuss the results 

We schedule a meeting to discuss the results of our analysis, offering insights into your financial health and providing recommendations for optimization.

Eric R.

"Scott and the team at OpenBook accounting have been awesome to work with. They've prepared year-end financial statements, payroll, bookkeeping, and taxes for my small business and been incredibly helpful & organized throughout the process."  
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