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How it Works
Streamlined Accounting and Tax Process

At OpenBook Accounting LLP, we believe in simplifying your financial journey with a clear and efficient process. Our accounting and tax process is designed to empower your business with transparency, experience, and seamless communication. Explore the precise steps that guide you towards effective financial management and compliance.

You Drop Off Your Records

Begin the process by choosing your preferred method of record submission. You can either drop off your financial records in person, which include bank and credit card statements, receipts, invoices, and relevant financial statements, or securely submit them online. 


We Record Entries in Our Software

Our team records each financial transaction accurately into our advanced accounting software. This step establishes the foundation for your financial reports and insights.


We Code Recurring Entries

We identify recurring transactions and efficiently code them for accuracy and consistency. This streamlines the process and ensures essential entries are accurately recorded.


You Clarify the Rest

 For transactions that require additional clarification, we reach out to you and provide a list in Excel. This collaborative step ensures accuracy and categorization for each entry.


We Prepare Financials, GST, and Tax Returns

With well-documented and categorized data, we move to preparing comprehensive financial statements. Our professional accountants craft a detailed balance sheet and income statement, providing a holistic view of your business's financial health. Additionally, we prepare accurate GST and tax returns to ensure compliance.


Meet to Discuss the Results

After preparing your financial statements and tax returns, we schedule a consultation to discuss the outcomes. This meeting provides valuable insights into your business's financial performance, offers a platform for asking questions, and aids in making informed decisions about your financial strategy.

The Benefits of Our Process

Ready to Experience Financial Clarity?

Our process is your roadmap to achieving financial organization and success. Whether you're a small business establishing a solid foundation or a growing enterprise seeking streamlined financial management, OpenBook Accounting LLP is your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of accounting and taxation.

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Schedule a Free 30 Minute Consultation

During this consultation, we'll explore your unique needs, introduce you to our services, and embark on a collaborative journey towards simplified and effective financial management. Contact us today to book your consultation and unlock the full potential of your business's financial growth.

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